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A Dog Named Hope

I got a call this morning from a deputy sheriff that was on a call to shoot a stray dog. When he got to the home, the dog laid her head on his foot and he could not shoot her, so he called me. I picked her up and took her straight to the vet. They are running tests on her to see if she has any major issues, or if she’s just malnourished. She has gone so long without eating that she has lost all muscle mass.

We plan on doing everything we can to save her life, but I wanted everyone to see what we deal with on a daily basis. People can just be so cruel. This dog is so friendly that she had to be someone’s pet. I don’t think she would have wandered off and not returned home, so either she was dumped or her owners just packed up and left her to fend for herself. Well, this beautiful creature will never have to do without a meal again!


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