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Punkin’s Saga

Punkin is a two year old Mini Pin that was shot in the back with a BB gun by some children. Her back legs are now paralyzed. She was owner released to us a couple months ago. The vet said that, even if we remove the BB, she will never be able to use her legs again. She has been getting around pretty well by just dragging her back legs, but she is now getting sores on her legs, even though we keep them wrapped. We are at a point now that the bone is protruding out of the skin.

The vet has decided that we have two options, euthanize or amputate. There’s no way we will euthanize a dog that is in otherwise great condition. She is young, happy and full of life. She wants to run around and play with all the other dogs, but just can’t keep up with them.

She is scheduled for surgery this Wednesday, where the vet will remove both of her back legs. She will remain at the vet’s office for a couple of days, and then she will go home with Patti. We have a mini doggie wheelchair ordered for her, so when she is feeling better, we will give it a try. Right now she can’t get up steps because she gets her legs caught and can’t pull them up. We hope that she will be able to maneuver steps better without the back legs.

Keep checking back to get updates on Punkin’s saga!


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