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Buddy’s Adventures!

I took Buddy to the Nursing Home this morning. He did great! They are going to keep him for about a month, to see how things go. If everything goes well, which we think it will, he will live there permanently. I’m so proud of him!

Living in the nursing home, he will be allowed to run free, with the exception of the kitchen & dining room. He will also have his own room, a bed, & a large backyard to hang out in when he feels like it.

I would like to share a few things that happened this morning. The moment we arrived at the nursing home, the leash went off. We walked him up and down the halls to introduce him to everyone and familiarize himself with his new home. While he walked the halls, he would stop and greet all the passers-by, as well as pop in to a few rooms to say hi.

After about 30 minutes, several of us were standing around watching Buddy as he interacted with the residents in the activity room. Buddy walked over to a resident who was deaf, mute & blind. The activity director saw this and walked over and laid the resident’s hand on Buddy, so she could pet him. All of a sudden the resident became overjoyed. While she was petting him, tears came to her eyes and she shivered with emotion. It was a very touching moment, one that none of us will ever forget.

A few minutes later, something caught Buddy’s attention. All of a sudden, Buddy ran down one of the halls looking for where the noise came from. I didn’t know why he left, & none of us heard anything, so I whistled for him to come back. A few seconds later the activity director mentioned that there was a lady that normally calls for help every morning to get out of bed. It also happens to be down the same hallway Buddy ran into. Buddy must have heard it and ran to find her.Buddy is a special dog. He is also a rescue dog.

Well, Buddy has finally found his forever home, I believe. And I am glad I could help make it happen. Volunteering with Forever Friends Foster Care & Rescue has been absolutely amazing. I have learned that all a dog needs is a chance – a chance to become the dog he was meant to be – and it starts with love and with training. An obedient dog makes a world of difference!


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