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Max Says Hi!

My name is “Max” and I am Chihuahua (or at least part Chihuahua!) I want to tell you my story and tell you all about the great people from Forever Friends Foster Care and Rescue that saved my life. They are guessing I am about two or three years old, but we’re not really sure. This guy that knows my foster mom got a call about me being tied to a tree. He went out and tried to talk my owner in to surrendering me, but she wouldn’t give me up for free. She told the nice man he could have me for $50, so he paid my old mom the money and took me to my new foster mom. She is so nice, she took me home and gave me a bath, cut my toenails, fixed me a hot meal and a bowl of fresh water. Later that night she fixed me the biggest, softest bed I had ever slept in before!

The next day she took me to the doctor, and those people did all sorts of things to me. They told my mom that I had hookworms, whipworms and heartworms (boy, is that a lot of worms or what?!) The doctor gave me a pill to take care of the hook- and whipworms, but he told my foster mom that I had to gain some weight before they could treat my heartworms – they say I have so many heartworms that it has made my heart so big it presses against my lungs and makes me cough when I get excited. My foster mom cooks me these really great meals and now I am putting on some weight. I love to run and play in the back yard with my foster brothers and sisters!

The doctor said something about getting neutered after my heartworms are gone, whatever that means. I know my foster mom will tell me just exactly what that means when it’s time. Mom says that once I have gotten rid of my worms, gotten neutered and all my shots, I will get to go to my forever home. I would really like to stay here with her, but she says there are lots of dogs out there that need her help and that I will make some little boy or little girl a great friend. Some of my other foster brothers and sisters have already gotten their forever homes and I know I will too when the time comes! I can’t wait!


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